Haneul Lee (b. 1994, Seoul, South Korea) uses photography as an interface for exploring various modes of relationships between herself and others. Her works are often inspired by the subtle insecurities arising during her interactions with strangers, such as “Strangers”, whereby she documented about 400 people and subsequently a new project “Boomers”. She is intrigued by how our transition into the digital era has impacted photography and is constantly studying linkages between images and the world we live in.
She received her BFA in Photography from Kyungil University in Daegu in 2017 and subsequently an MFA in Photography from Hong-ik University’s Faculty of Design in Seoul in  2021.

E-mail/ bleumo9n@gmail.com
Instagram/ @bluebleubleubleu
Mobile/ +82 10-3318-5629

2022~current Ph.D. in Photography, Hongik University, Seooul, Korea
2021 MFA Hongik University, Photography, Seoul
2017 BFA  Kyungil University, Photography, Daegu

2023 What A Wonderful World, FF Seoul, Seoul, Korea
2021 "Boomers"  The-Reference, Seoul, Korea
2019 "Stranger"  City Camera, Seoul, Korea 

2023 New Photographic Image, Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu, Korea
2022 Launching, FF Seoul, Seoul, Korea
2022 Future Known as Unpredicted, Little India MRT Station, Singapore, Singapore
2021 Object a; Desire of the Age, Artspace LUMOS, Daegu, Korea
2020 From Monkey to Plane, The-Reference, Seoul, Korea
2020 The Elephant is not here, Projectroom Sinpo, Incheon, Korea
2020 Specimens Ideal, Gallerygyeol, Seoul, Korea
2018 Photomay, Hongik University Hyundae Museum, Seoul, Korea
2023.04 Decades No.2 magazine, AKAAKA, Japan
2022.01 Naver Design Press interview, Korea
2021.06 Monthly Photography interview, Korea
2021.03 Monthly Magazine Daegu Culture, Korea
2020.09 Vostok vol.23, Korea
2019.08 Stranger Project, Korea
2023 Winner, IMA next “Anonymous”, Japan
2022 Winner, 8th Singapore International Photography Festival Open Call Showcase, Singapore, Singapore
2019 Semi-Finalist, Fotofest, Paris, France
2018 Winner, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Tokyo, Japan
2018 Winner, Paris Photo Prize (Px3), Paris, France
2018 2nd Place winner in Fine Art, Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow, Russia
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